Sunday, February 28, 2010

A day in the sun

What a difference a couple of days (and a couple of states) makes! Instead of being stuck indoors due to cold, wet weather, today we had a great day with a bunch of sunshine-filled walking! We are in Florida visiting Saba and Savta (my parents), and we are loving the fact that there is no snow on the ground!! To celebrate, we had to go out and enjoy the warmth.

In the early part of the afternoon we decided to enjoy the fact that Little Girl qualified us to get into the Museum of Contemporary Arts for free. Great price for a good cultural experience! There was an exhibit about Marilyn Monroe which looked interesting, and we figured that one could never be too young to be introduced to a legend! The exhibit was well done. The artwork included photographs, sculpture and paintings done during Ms. Monroe's lifetime as well as after hr death. She really was a beautiful, fascinating, iconic woman. Here's hoping that we as a society can learn from her life and death...

In the latter part of the afternoon, when Little Girl decided that napping simply wasn't going to happen, we went for a walk to Whole Foods, where there is a farmer's market on Sunday afternoons. While there was nothing at the market that grabbed our attention, Whole Foods certainly had a great selection of yummy stuff! We got some treats for ourselves, as well as a nice assortment of things to bring to Hubby when we visit him in Central Florida in a couple of days (yes, he did finally get down there safe and sound!). It turned out to be a beautiful day for walking, so we took full advantage! It was so nice that Little Girl decided that socks were unnecessary... Her feet were a little cold when we got home, but she didn't mind at all! It is nice to have a child who loves to be outside, and we are lucky to have somewhere to go during the cold winter months where we can do so comfortably!!!

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