Monday, February 8, 2010

Old school treats, new twist

Sometimes the mood strikes to have a treat from your childhood. For me, having an open bag of marshmallows was the spark that had me thinking about crisped rice cereal bars (no product placement...!). I don't often have marshmallows in the house, and since I discovered how easy and yummy the homemade ones are, I forgot that I had a bag. You know I found them the other day for our super de-duper deluxe cocoa. Now that the bag was opened, I had to do something with them, right? So cereal bars were a must.Now, I don't keep crisped rice cereal in the house.
We love our cereal here, but that one just doesn't seem to make it into our rotation. I do have multi-grain O's here. Those are a lot better than you would think! And using those makes these treats healthy, right? Whole grain is good for you, so these must be, too! I also wanted to incorporate more of the sweetened dried cranberries. Whole grains and fruit? Wow... theses are almost like health food!!

While I haven't made marshmallow cereal bars in a while, I did not feel compelled to look up a recipe... I thought I might be able to handle this one from memory. Looks like I did ok. I thought it was fun when Hubby couldn't keep from saying "Wow..." while I was pouring the gooey mixture from the pot to the cake pan. (Though maybe it should have bugged me, since this isn't exactly the most complex recipe I have ever made... Eh, no worries!)

This turned out to be my kind of health food! Sweet, a little crunchy, a little chewy, all delicious! These are not going to last long in our house!! Now I wonder if I can do this with the home-made marshmallows... (or maybe partway through the process - why shape them just to melt them again?) I guess I am going to have to make a batch of those one of these days!!

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