Thursday, February 25, 2010

On the road...

Every year at about this time, Hubby takes a trip down south to see his favorite team at Spring Training. This is a non-negotiable trip. I have gone with him a couple of times, and it actually is a lot of fun. This year we were scheduled to leave today. The only thing was, we were headed to different parts of Florida - he was going to Central FL, me (and Little Girl) to Northern FL. This trip has been on Hubby's calendar since... the end of the baseball season? Maybe even earlier. So, of course, the Mid-Atlantic was slated to get another monster snow storm. Great. Because we were headed to different locations, Hubby and I were on different flights out, different airlines, even. Hubby's flight was canceled last night, before a flake had fallen. And, from the weather reports, it really looked like that was a wise move.
Cut to this morning.
We wake up to no new snow on the ground. Sure, some is falling from the sky, but it isn't sticking. But, according to all reports, the worst is yet to come, and the afternoon - when my flight is still scheduled to go, is when things will turn ugly. I spent the morning calling the airline and checking the website, trying to figure out when the flight will be canceled. Around 11 am, when the ground is still only wet and the snow is thinning, I realize that I had better pack a bag for Little Girl and myself - this flight was not getting canceled... at least not before we got to the airport...
Cut to 3:35 pm - scheduled take-off.
I am in shock. We are on the plane and it is pulling away from the gate... Sure, we were a few minutes delayed, as there was the precautionary de-icing process, but we were off! Despite an exhausted baby girl who refused to sleep, the flight was easy - just as all flights should be! So she and I are in Florida, where, while it isn't as warm as we would like, there is no snow - not even in the forecast!
But there is snow at home now, where Hubby is still waiting to see if he will be able to leave for his trip. Good luck, Hubby! I hope that I see you in Florida before I see you back in H-Town!!

As for me, I am here for the week. I will still be crafting, baking and playing as much as I can, so hopefully there will be tales to tell from my temporary locale.

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