Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Let's try this again...


It sure has been a long time.

So much has changed.

And yet...  I seem to be drawn back here.

So here I am,  Back to trying this experiment called mommy-crafts.  And I want to see what I can do with it.  With you.  You see, being a mom (or dad.  or human...) is a kind of crazy ride.  Do I think I know anything now that I didn't before?  Absolutely!  Do I think I know better than anyone else?  NO!!  But.  I think my experienced might, just might, help others out there.  My thoughts, ideas, creations, successes, failures, all of it.  They just might help someone out there spark their own ideas.
Being a mom (parent. human) can be scary, intimidating, isolating, exhilarating, you name it.  I know I look to others for help, guidance, amusement, and more.

So maybe, just maybe, I can use my voice to help someone out there.

So here goes.

Take three...