Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine Treats

Hubby and I are not really into Valentine's Day. I mean, we don't really feel like we need a special day to tell each other how we feel. (And isn't every day special when we are together? Gag...) Plus, with Little Girl being so young, we know she doesn't care one way or the other, and she also gets told how loved she is many times every day...

Despite the fact that we agreed on no cards or gifts, I did ask if he would like a special treat for the day. He, being a chocoholic, asked for chocolate pudding. No problem. But, since I make it somewhat regularly, I decided to jazz it up, make it special. But I didn't have time, or the creativity, to make much. Luckily, the supermarket had pound cake and whipped cream on sale.

Put them together, add some candy hearts, just for fun, and you have a yummy, lovey treat!
Happy Valentine's Day, to those of you who celebrate, Happy Middle of February to those who don't!!

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