Sunday, February 7, 2010

Craft Re-do

Remember this clever little last minute solution for keeping Little Girl's cup in place in her new stroller? This little thing has been used and reused quite a bit. And it has worked pretty well. But ever since I made it, I have been trying to figure out how I could have done it better. The band around the cup has always been just a little too loose, and the cup slips out - totally defeating the purpose of this craft! And, sorry to seem superficial. but I was not thrilled with how the band looked. Functionality got a B/B-, Form got a D. I wanted to do better.
So I tried again. I wanted to make something a little more adjustable, and a little less slap-dash. This time I planned ahead - I didn't wait until five minutes before we were heading out the door to try to figure something out. First, I gathered my supplies. I found my fusible velcro pieces, which I had looked for the first time unsuccessfully. This was going to be how I made this thing be adjustable. I also chose to make the cup loop out of elastic, but the strap out of ribbon. Not quite sure why, I just kinda thought it would work out better for me... who knows...

Next I cut my elastic and ribbon, and fused on the velcro. I wanted adjustable, remember? So I "measured" around both the cup Little Girl has been using and one other likely candidate for use, just so I could have a range. I also fused velcro to the ribbon on both ends - one to go around the elastic cup band and one to go around the loop to attach to the stroller. The only sewing I did was purely decorative - I sewed a button onto the end of the elastic band. Mostly aesthetic, partially so that a hurried Mommy would know which end to work with.

Finally time to put it all together. I like the way this looks more than the previous attempt. I also think this will hold the cup more tightly. I tried to shake the cup free and couldn't. But I am not a determined eight month old... We will see what happens when she gets her hands on this!

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