Saturday, February 6, 2010

Got snow?

We here in the Mid-At;antic region got a little bit of snow last night into today. Not too much... Only 28 1/2" recorded at the local airport... Yeah, today was a nice day to stay warm and dry inside. Unfortunately for Hubby, someone had to go out and shovel... True, we live in a complex which takes care of snow removal, but we still have to dig out our cars, and clear paths around them. I happen to have the best husband in the world, and he was out there for a VERY LONG time taking care of this, without even a thought to letting me help... I was flattered, touched, and just a little guilty-feeling, being cozy while he was in the 20-something degree temperatures. So I decided that he deserved a special reward for all of his hard work. I decided to make "Super De-duper Deluxe" hot cocoa for him. Warm, rich, and super yummy. Something that would warm his hands and his spirits.

I started with chocolate. Not cocoa packets, not cocoa powder, actual chocolate. Bittersweet chocolate, 70% cocoa squares and some milk chocolate went into the food processor for a spin. That went into a pot with vanilla soy milk, vanilla extract, some sugar and some cinnamon (you know how I feel about chocolate and cinnamon!). Stir, mix, melt...

What would have made this even more super de-duper would have been some of my home made marshmallows. Unfortunately, that wasn't in the cards, as I haven't had the chance to make any in a while. Maybe next time... Despite the prepackaged marshmallows, the cocoa was pretty fabulous. Rich, creamy, warm and satisfying. The perfect way to cap off a cold day. (Even for those of us who never actually made it out into the cold...!)

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