Monday, February 1, 2010

Mmmm.... chocolate....

Being lactose intolerant, there are certain things I have had to give up. Lactase enzyme pills only go so far... Ice cream, milkshakes, milk with cookies... all of those are things which I can no longer do. Sure, there are alternatives, but sometimes you just want the real thing. One day I will find a replacement for my milkshakes...

One thing for which I have found a good, no great, alternative is chocolate pudding. One of the ways I knew that allrecipes was going to be a great site for me was when I stumbled across this recipe for Dairy Free Chocolate Pudding. Soy milk is a great dairy alternative, and I frequently bake with it, but I was hesitant about using it for pudding. Something about the difference in consistency, or viscosity, or something. But this recipe made a believer out of me.
Of course, I have made some changes to the recipe. When I first started making this, I did not have corn starch in the house. It was just something I didn't use often enough. So I used (all purpose) flour instead. I just added it with the dry ingredients, didn't bother with the slurry. Worked just fine. I now have corn starch, but I still don't use it the way the recipe calls for. I use about two thirds flour, one third corn starch... (but still no slurry). I also use more vanilla than the recipe calls for. But that is something I do with almost every recipe that calls for vanilla... I also add cinnamon to the mix. I love what cinnamon does to chocolate. It just warms up the flavor beautifully. The last thing I do is add chocolate chips to the warm pudding. Because, really, can you have too much chocolate in your chocolate pudding?
The end result is creamy, thick and very satisfying!

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