Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An egg-cellent meal...

Today was another snowy day. I mean really snowy. A nice day to be inside all day. Which Little Girl and I did. Except for the part when we went out to play. Little Girl made her first snow angel... It was a TON of fun!! (I'll show you my angel's angel at the end...) It was also a good day for a nice, hot, slow cooked meal. On our weekly meal plan, today was supposed to be a breakfast for dinner night - eggs, potatoes and toast. Well, with the cold, and with my rekindled love of my slow cooker, I decided to play with the potato part. Usually I make some sort of oven fries. Tonight I wanted something more warming... I don't quite know what to call this dish. I think I called it some sort of potato hash. Whatever you choose to call it, it is yummy!

I cut up the potatoes I was going to use anyway, added a chopped onion, garlic and a can of diced tomatoes. I also threw in a can of vegetarian beans. Because I like beans... And it makes me feel like I am making a real hearty meal.

Now, I should have started this meal in the slow cooker a lot earlier than I did. I didn't get creative until after lunch, so I had to make sure this would be ready for dinner. That is why the potatoes and onions are cut quite so small. That being said, I think I like the small chunks, so it all worked out! After adding salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and basil, I set things going on high for three hours.

For the egg component of the meal... My stand-by is scrambled eggs. Quick, easy, no thought involved. But the other night Hubby and I watched the movie "Julie & Julia." In it, the Julie character extolled the virtues of a well poached egg. I was up for the challenge... Or so I thought... I think I need to learn a little more about proper egg poaching if I want to try it again... The whites didn't stay together, and I think I might not have cooked them quite as "hard" as I should have. I like runny eggs and all, but health dictates learning a little more.

The coolest part about making the eggs tonight, though, was the anomaly I found. I bought eggs from the wholesale club we belong to. Twice in the last carton I found this odd occurrence, and I figured it wouldn't happen again, and I was out of luck since I didn't have a camera handy. Well, it happened again tonight. I got a twin egg. Hubby says it is because I am a twin. Now, would these eggs produce twin chicks if fertilized? Have any of you encountered this before? It is really odd. Cool, but odd.... I promise, both of those yolks came out of that one shell. This is not trick photography, nor is it photo-shopped... I don't know enough technical stuff to doctor my pictures, other than to remove the red-eye!!

Despite the oddly poached eggs, dinner was tasty. This recipe (or, this mish-mash of ingredients) will be a keeper, and maybe next time I will have prettier eggs on top!

And, as promised, here is the snow angel made by my beautiful snow angel!!

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