Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An astonishing discovery...

Well, maybe more surprising than astonishing, and maybe more of a realization than a discovery, but still...
I made a treat today, about which I will post tomorrow. Part of this treat, though, involved cutting into even pieces. This is not something which I do well. I seem to be incapable of cutting straight lines, let alone even pieces! I have tried rulers, I have tried guidelines, nothing helps. So I thought cookie cutters would be in order. Best way to make even pieces, right? Then came my realization... I do not have cookie cutters!! I have a single cutter - in the shape of my favorite team's logo. Love it as I do, it is a little big for what I wanted.
So that was my baking eye-opener for the day. It has taken me this long to realize that I must not make that many cookies, as I can't make them in fun shapes. This is something that absolutely must be fixed before too long... Little Girl will need to be able to make cookies - or at least cut out clay shapes...! Hopefully this "problem" will be solved soon... Until then, improvisation is key, along with tolerance for uneven cookies!!

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  1. Drop cookies are just as good as shaped cookies! Remember that and repeat it when you need to hear it. ;)