Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Eating my words. And pie.

Growing up I was very silly. I know, most of us are, but I was silly enough to think that I didn't like fruit. Typically, kids like fruits, dislike veggies. I had to be the oddball, I was the other way around. Vegetables were fine by me, but I wouldn't eat apples, bananas, oranges... I don't know... As I have grown up (chronologically if not psychologically) I have learned the error of my ways. While there are still some fruits I don't eat, at least I know that the blanket statement no longer applies.
That being said I still like many fruits better baked into things than plain. One example of this is apples. A plain apple is fine. I can take it or leave it. But bakes into a pie? or a tart? or a cake? or even just applesauce? I will always eat those!! This past week apples were on great sale, so I bought some. Then I had to figure out what to do with them. I didn't feel like making a traditional pie, and I just made applesauce, and Jewish as I might be, I have never felt the need to learn to make a Jewish apple cake. Then I remembered a recipe I had found, made and enjoyed once upon a time. Easy Swedish Apple Pie was pie like, but different enough to interest me today. But you know what it coming next - I can not leave well enough alone. Instead of just apples, I wanted to make this apple and cranberry. (I know, it is February, not October. But still... yummy!) And while sugar is good, brown sugar is great. So the filling was made with apples, cranberries, a little white sugar, brown sugar and cinnamon. (I also added a little bit of corn starch, just to make sure the juices set.)

Then the topping. Again, plain white sugar wouldn't do it. So half white, half brown. And everything is better with vanilla, right? So a splash of that went in next. Mix, mix, mix... Spread spread, spread... I always think it is a good sign when something looks and smells delicious even before it has been baked...

I now can not wait for dessert tonight! Dinner is just a formality, right?

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