Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunshine and chocolate

When you think Florida, what comes to mind? Beaches? Citrus? Sunshine? Well, for me, one of the first things I think of is chocolate. Yup, that's what I said... chocolate! Very close to my parents' house is an amazing chocolate shop. Hand-made chocolates and chocolate covered treats... Hubby and I love it there, and we always make it a point to stop in whenever we are here! (I actually think that the shop is one of the reasons my parents chose the house they did...) But even with this favorite vacation spot, we are always excited to find alternative places to expand our chocolate horizons. So today Little Girl and I were introduced to Claude's Chocolates.

The store was so charming, and the view of the kitchen was amazing! I totally wanted to get a tour of the candy-making that was going on! All of the chocolates were hand-made, and I really thought it would be fun to play! Fortunately for all involved, I knew that it would be a bad - and probably illegal - move for me to walk in the kitchen and start playing. So I had to content myself with drooling over the cases of truffles and treats. We got some special presents to bring to Hubby tomorrow when we visit him at Spring Training. After that I will be able to let you know how Claude's stands up to the competition!!
Even Little Girl wanted in on the action, and she has never had chocolate before!! She knows a good thing when she sees it...!

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