Monday, February 22, 2010

Baby breakfast bars

I was invited to a baby shower yesterday, and was quite excited to go. Me being me, though, I could not show up empty handed. I know, a gift is more than sufficient, but I like to bring food, too. (That must be oh-so-much of a surprise...) I was told that there would be plenty of egg dishes already, this being a brunch, but I could bring whatever I was comfortable bringing. Of course I brought a Challah, but I also wanted something sweet. I went to one of my Internet best friends for some guidance. I logged onto allrecipes and did a very specific search - I typed in "breakfast." I found a few recipes that looked good, but one in particular caught my eye. The Breakfast Crisp looked like it could have some great potential - oatmeal and brown sugar together, what could be bad? I did tweak the recipe a little, as well as doubling it to make enough for a party... I got rave reviews at the shower! I was quite pleased with the taste myself... There was only one little problem... There was none left for Hubby to taste! (I had also not had the chance to photograph them at all, either...) So today Little Girl and I went to Auntie Twin's house, and Little Miss helped me make a new batch. I brought most of the ingredients with me so that I wouldn't be too much trouble, but I forgot to account for my klutziness... Sorry, Auntie Twin!!

The changes I made included a touch of extra brown sugar, a splash of vanilla extract, a sprinkling of nutmeg, a generous helping of dried cranberries, and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top. The dough is kind of pretty, at least in my opinion, but very thick and sticky. Little Miss was a big help getting it all into the pan!!

While I think I over-baked these a little, they came out great. Still nice and chewy, sweet and a little tangy. I highly recommend them for your next breakfast, brunch, or snack!!

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  1. Sound really yummy!! And I love your blog cute and I love browns with blues!!

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