Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Who Needs Sleep? (You're never gonna get it...)

(thanks to Barenaked Ladies for the song...!)
Little girl seems to be on a sleeping strike. Naps? Nothing longer than 30 minute in the last few days. Which might be ok if she got enough of those. But, no. Two a day. She must be exhausted and sleeping great at night then, right? Nope! She is up three or four times a night, at least. What is a tired mommy to do with an even more tired baby-girl? More mommy creativity to the (pseudo-)rescue, I guess... (No real crafty time when she is awake and wanting to be held a lot.)
We tried quiet time, but what seven-month old likes quiet time? She played on her (mommy-made) playmat while Mommy tried to figure out how to get her to sleep. We tried walking. But it is quite cold outside, so we walked in the apartment building. Not a very large building. We looked at every door in our five floor building, commenting on wreaths and decorations... We went to the grocery store. Not to buy anything, mind you, just to walk somewhere. That was fun. But neither the car ride nor the stroller ride helped someone fall asleep. Looks like Mommy's creativity isn't doing so well today... Distraction was the name of the game, and it looks like none of us really won this one!
Poor, tired little girl... :( Thank goodness we don't remember teething when we are older!

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