Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Little Girl is getting so big!

Today was a momentous day for Little Girl. Until now she has been in the infant car seat (lovingly referred to as "the bucket") and the accompanying Snap 'n Go frame for a stroller. Well, today I switched her to the convertible car seat which will be hers for the next few years. We bought her the Graco My Ride 65, so she will be able to be in this seat until she is 65 pounds. So we have a while! The new car seat, though means that she can no longer use the car seat frame as a stroller. Well, we got a Peg Perego stroller as a Hanukkah gift (THANK YOU!!). Today was her first ride in this new stroller. So weird for Mommy! I loved being able to see her beautiful face in the infant stroller. Now she is facing out! Such a big girl...

One of the features of this new stroller is the option of cup holders for Little Girl. And since she loves her cup of water, I wanted her to be able to use the cup holders. But, being only 7 1/2 months old, she isn't quite big enough (or coordinated enough) to fully reach things... And she has a habit of simply tossing things to the side when she is done with them. So before we headed out, I ran to my craft box where I knew I had some pretty patterned elastic and whipped up a little something to help her (and me!) out. Some elastic, a ring from another toy, and a few quick passes with the sewing machine, and voila!! Not quite as cute as I might like, but absolutely effective! Little Girl was able to drink her water whenever she wanted, and Mommy was able to not worry that she'd be leaving without the cup! I might at some point try to make something more aesthetically appealing to my own eye, but for now I am pretty pleased!

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  1. How do you clean your Graco My Ride 65 car seat. I brought ds's car seat in to clean it because he had thrown up on it. I took the insert out and cleaned it, but I couldn't take the car seat liner off. It is attached at the bottom. I wiped it out the best I could. So, how do you clean it?