Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ribbons, Ribbons Everywhere!

I promise, I do crafty stuff other than cooking and baking! (Those are just the things that are done - and completed - most regularly...!) And I even do crafts that are not centered around Little Girl. (Though most of them do. For obvious reasons.) Today I have two crafts to show off. One that is completed, and I am actually kind of proud of, and one that is still in progress, and the jury is still out on it.
First the finished one. Little Girl, like many other babies her age, loves the tags on toys. And blankets. And clothes. And anything else that has a tag on it. I know that there are products on the market for little ones that have tags all over them, and they are great. But I didn't want to buy any when I have fabric, ribbons and a sewing machine right here. So I made one for myself! (Actually, I made two - one for Little Girl, and one for a friend who is having a baby any moment now.) I call it her tagged lovie (to avoid copyright infringement...), since it isn't really a blanket, and I am not sure I can legitimately call it a toy. But I think it is really cute, and Little Girl really likes all of the tags she gets to chew on!!
Now the not-yet-finished one. We are so lucky to have so many friends and family share their pictures with us. But we are not lucky enough to have a refrigerator large enough to hold all of these things and accommodate a baby who is becoming quite mobile and who likes to grab at things. So I decided to try to make a memo board. I used the cardboard backing from Hubby's 2009 desk calendar, some fabric, some ribbons and my handy-dandy hot-glue gun (couldn't have gotten through college as a stage manager without it!). I have the bulk of it done and glued, I am now adding buttons to the intersections of ribbon to hold things down. I think I like it. We'll see what happens when the buttons are all on and I figure out how to hang it. Hopefully it will clear up some fridge-space for when Little Girl is ready to fill it up with crafts of her own!

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