Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby Legs.... You've got the cutest little Baby Legs!

Well, Savta (my mom, Little Girl's grandmother) is in town, so we are doing lots of running around. Which is wonderful, and fun and exciting, but leaves me little time for crafting. Which isn't entirely true, as we LOVE to spend time in the kitchen together! Just this morning we got together the "dough" for quinoa veggie burgers. Yummy dinner tonight! (Even for me and Hubby... We're going to the hockey game tonight, but the veggie burgers can come with us!)
So I thought I would show off a craft a made several months ago. While this is nothing unique, I am still kinda proud. As Little Girl is a May baby, she had a lot of time when it was too warm for her to be wearing pants. But there were some days where she needed something on her legs. Enter Baby Legs!! Using this tutorial, I took some of my old socks that had holes in the heals and made them into something Little Girl can use! And since I a) love socks and b) hate to throw things away if I think they can still have uses, this was perfect!! So I like to say that this is the cutes pair of baby legs modeling the cutest pair of Baby Legs!!!

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