Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skates all around!

Though it might seem incongruous to some, my absolute favorite sport is hockey. Love it. It many times cracks people up that my favorite sport is hockey and Hubby's is baseball. But there it is. As I usually do, I have tried to incorporate this love into my other hobbies and obsessions. So several years ago, when my friends started having children, I wanted to come up with something to give that would be fun and totally me. Enter the hockey skate baby booties! I searched around and found a pattern that looked doable for a then even more novice knitter. It introduced me to a couple more knitting techniques (yarn over, decreasing), and it yielded a great little gift that I have turned into my "signature" baby gift. When we found out that we were going to have a baby, I was super excited to make a pair for myself, er, the baby...! If I were going to have had a baby shower, I would have wanted to make these as the parting gifts - each person would get a skate filled with candy or something... But no baby shower, so I saved myself the work...
I found the pattern by googling, but have since discovered that craftster.org is a great place to play around! I have modified the pattern because I found that the skate part of the pattern was too short. I also find that the boot is REALLY big for a baby. By the time the baby's feet fit into them, the skate part is kind of in the way of walking. But they are still darn cute, and they will continue to be my baby gift of choice!!
Here's the link, and here they are in action!!

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