Friday, January 22, 2010

Attack of the Challah!

Another Friday, another Challah.
One of my biggest (no pun intended) problems with trying new Challah recipes is that many of the ones I find are proportioned to make enough bread to feed an army. I don't need that much Challah... Hubby and I can only eat so much, and Little Girl's tummy just isn't that big yet. So I try to find recipes that make a reasonable amount of Challah. Today's recipe, I could tell, was going to make a little more than usual. Not too big a deal, right? Looks like French Toast might be coming soon!

The dough came together beautifully. It filled the bowl of my mixer, though. Like, totally filled. All the way. The mixer needed quite a bath after the dough was transferred out!! For as icky as the mixer looked, the dough looked just that pretty, though. So there was no problem, just a little extra cleaning. As I have been doing the last couple of weeks, I made the dough last night. There was a chance of the water being turned off a the apartment building this morning, and I didn't want to be stuck unable to clean up after myself. That and this part of the process is just easier to do when I don't have to also entertain Little Girl! So the dough went into the oven for the first rise. When the time came to transfer it to the refrigerator I was amazed. I could not believe my eyes!
That is one BIG batch of dough!!

Another new thing I wanted to try with this batch of dough was the six strand braid. I saw a how-to video on youtube, so I figured it was worth a shot... And with this much dough, I knew I had enough to play!!

The quantity was there, and the effort was there, but the result? Eh... This week's Challah really looks more like a monster than anything else... I got part of the braid looking nice, but I just couldn't get the ends to tuck under.

The baking part was easy. The whole apartment smelled amazing. I really can't wait to taste the end result! The color is nice, but those ends... I have two loaves that are almost right... And a third one braided and unbaked in the freezer for another time...! This really did turn out to be the Challah that ate H-Town!!

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  1. Is this you, Ruth, Shell's twin Ruth? With a blog all your own? You two are amazing! And your challah looks delicious. (This is Barnard Emily, by the way, in case you are wondering...)