Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breakfast for dinner

A while back, before I started doing my weekly meal plans, I was doing my nightly "what am I going to make tonight?" routine. I had a few ideas, but nothing really spoke to me. I also had half of a loaf of bread that was pretty much at the use it or lose it stage. I kind of wanted to make a bread pudding out of it, but I needed dinner more than dessert... And thus was born the "Breakfast Bread Casserole."
I made my invention by cubing up the bread and soaking it in the traditional egg and (soy) milk custard. I also sauteed up some onion, garlic and rehydrated texturized vegetable protein. Mix together with some shredded cheese, top with more cheese (because the use of soy milk to minimize my dairy intake had to be balanced out, right? I never claimed to make sense...). Bake at 350 until yummy...
I know, I know... this isn't actually anything new. It is a French Toast Casserole, just made savory instead of sweet. But I was very proud of it, and Hubby enjoyed it a lot, too. So I gave it an oh-so-creative name and moved it into our rotation of dinners. Tonight's version was almost perfect - I forgot to get cheese, so we went without. Still good though. And with a drizzle of syrup, the French Toast circle seems to have been completed!!

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