Monday, January 18, 2010

I love fleece! And pizza...!

Well, this was supposed to be a one-craft post, but I seem to have been busy today! We'll start with the fabric, then move on to dinner...

I love fleece!
My sister, Auntie Twin, gave me some very pretty fleece fabric last week. She had gotten it as a remnant, but hadn't done anything with it. So she gave it to me, since I have been on a crafty kick. I love fleece! As a novice seamstress it is pretty much the perfect fabric to work with! For one thing, it doesn't actually require sewing. The edges don't need to be finished to stay looking nice! So the first thing I made was a scarf for Little Girl. Just cut to size, then snip in some fringe and voila! Yay! Less than 5 minutes and I had already finished a craft! I then made a pillow for my niece Little Miss. The fabric had, after all, been purchased with her in mind. I have made a couple of pillows before. I technically know how to do it. It is just that finishing bit that I can't seem to get right. But, again, fleece is very forgiving! I am pretty pleased with the end results!

I love pizza!
(warning - lots of pictures!)
Tonight was pizza night according to our meal plan. For most people, pizza night is a night off from the kitchen and a night on for the phone. Not for me! I make my pizza from scratch. And silly me, I call that the lazy way! (I can make it when I want, and I don't have to think about timing or cash flow...) I usually make my own pizza crust, but tonight I was spoiled. I used a premade garlic and herb dough from one of my favorite grocery stores, Trader Joe's. Now, many people wonder just how many options there are for toppings on a vegetarian pizza. Well, there are LOTS!! Tonight's pizza was what I called a "fork and knife pizza," there was so much on it! We had:
*roasted onions
*roasted garlic
*three colors of bell peppers
*soy chorrizo (also from Trader Joe's!)
*fresh mozzarella
*shredded Italian blend cheese
*fresh sliced tomatoes
I can't wait until Little Girl is old enough to enjoy these meals with us - and to help me make them, too!

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