Thursday, March 11, 2010

Grilled cheese grows up

Sometimes you just need some comfort food. Something that makes you feel young again, no matter what your actual age is. For me, one of the fun young foods I love to have is grilled cheese. Gotta love the orange cheese oozing out from between slices of crunchy toasted bread...
But sometimes you want to pretend to be a grown up, too, right? Tonight was grilled cheese night. But not the standard grilled cheese - grown up grilled cheese.
I started with wheat bread. Because, really, it tastes better than white bread! Instead of processed cheese slices we had some slice pepper jack cheese in the fridge. Nice way to have gooey cheese and an extra kick! I then added some slices of fake turkey. In a vegetarian house, fake meat slices make great lunches, so we try to have them on hand. Then, to really jazz the sandwiches up, I added slices of cool, creamy avocado. YUM!!
While I kind of smooshed the bread on one of the sandwiches when I flipped it, the taste was great. Ooey gooey cheese, crisp toasted bread, creamy avocado, and the fake meat for some substance. This was a grown up sandwich for the young at heart!!

Just in case you were worried, I haven't grown up too much... I had to have my shoestring french fries, of course dipped in ketchup!, right alongside my sandwich! As I frequently say, I am older than I look, and significantly older than I act!!

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