Friday, March 12, 2010

The beauty of teething

Little Girl has always had a beautiful smile. Just because I am biased doesn't make that fact not true!! But recently her smile has been changing. Those gummy grins are gone. Arriving are the teeth. So far she has three - two on the bottom and one on top. And she has no less than three (yes, three) more coming in on the top at this very moment. Thank goodness we don't remember the teething experience. I can not imagine how painful this is for her. I know it is keeping her up and making her cranky, and I wish there was something I could do to take the pain away... Ibuprofen and teethers are all I can offer...
As her smile changes, though, we have both discovered something new we can smile about!

Since Little Girl was born I haven't worn much in the way of jewelry. (Bear with me, this is related!) Being a baby, she loves to pull on things and put them in her mouth. Especially now with teeth coming in, EVERYTHING is a chew toy! Let me introduce you to Teething Bling! Created by a mom originally from my part of the world, Teething Bling is beautiful jewelry made out of a completely safe silicone material which babies can chew on (and it is dishwasher safe, too!). There are pendants, bracelets, key chains and more in an amazing array of colors and shapes. I received mine today and love it already. I chose the blue camouflage donut shaped pendant, which isn't really a surprise - I pretty much always choose blue when I can! But there is a new color coming out in the next week or so, pink calcite, which has me pretty excited - it looks perfect for Mother's Day and the Race for the Cure, which I participate in every year... SmartMom might be hearing more from me before then...! I was also loving the bracelets. Little Girl loves to chew on both my watch and the hair band I use as my nursing "side" reminder. Just like the addition of pink calcite to the rainbow, those bracelets are on my radar!

While nothing can take away the pain and discomfort of teething (from Little Girl or from her mommy!), Teething Bling has at least made it a more attractive process to go through!!

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