Monday, March 22, 2010

Pasta Tales...

Almost every week when we are working out our meal plan, Hubby requests a pasta dish. He knows it is versatile, and he knows that it will leave plenty of leftovers for him to take for lunches for the week! So tonight was pasta night. I was pretty excited about this, since I had a lot of vegetables already cut up from our fancy-shmancy salad the other night, and lots of cheese for great gooiness.
Then the unthinkable happened....

My camera fell.

Well, yeah. It fell. The lens was open, and now it remains that way. We are in the midst of trying to figure out if it is still under warranty and how we will go about fixing the oops. But, yeah...
So I will be taking pictures with my video camera for now. Which is why the photo quality is going to be not quite as good as it has been...

So back to the pasta.
I sauteed some onions, then added the already cut veggies while the pasta boiled. I love when my meals are so colorful! I also love when the hard work has already been done, taking the tedious part out of the cooking process!
One of the things I love about a baked pasta dish is how people look at it and think that it seems involved and complicated. Once the veggies were sauteed and the pasta was drained, it was time for the "hard" stuff... Into the casserole dish went the pasta, the veggies, some ricotta cheeses and some shredded cheese. Mix it all up, sprinkle with more shredded cheese, and pop it in the oven.


Dinner came out really well! Both Hubby and I, while expecting something yummy, were pleasantly surprised with how much we liked it! We both had seconds, and had to control ourselves from taking thirds or fourths!!

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