Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy day in the sun!

The weather here has been beautiful the last few days. Because of that, one of the moms in the mommy group I participate in organized a trip to the park for any of us who could make it. It was a ton of fun! The weather was perfect, the company was great, and we all had a blast! Little Girl loves having the chance to get together with other kids, and seemed to be flirting with the boys a bit... We might have to keep our eyes on her...!

But the day wasn't all fun and games - we do have to eat! As Little Girl's food options have expanded, I have tried to make sure that what she eats is a close approximation of what Hubby and I eat. Tonight's dinner for us was quiche. So, since I have recently introduced egg yolks to her, Little Girl was going to get quiche, too! I started by making her a "right sized" crust. (Shown here with the full sized crust for comparison.) While the big people's quiche had cheese, broccoli, onion and garlic, that wasn't going to happen for Little Girl. Her quiche was filled with egg yolk, beaten with a little bit of milk. Well, milk as she knows it, anyway. The end result was really cute. And she seems to have enjoyed it, so I am glad there was enough crust and egg to make two - baby leftovers!!

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