Monday, March 8, 2010

Kitchen help

Ever since Little Girl was born I have been looking forward to the day she would be able to help me craft and play. She is with me when I do pretty much everything, and I make sure to include her in what I do, as long as it is safe... (no scissors or ovens yet...) When we are in the kitchen, her "toys" include a nylon whisk, a pie plate and a rubber spatula. She seems to enjoy doing the things that Mommy does, which makes me very happy!!
Well, today was a banner day for us!! We were working in the kitchen with Auntie Twin and Little Miss, and Little Girl started to get fussy. It really seemed like she was feeling left out... So I did what any mom would do, and I included her!

Who says 9 months old is too young to help out in the kitchen?

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