Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend bread baking

It would appear that I have not made challah in quite some time... and that is sort of true. For a while I was working on the frozen loaves in the freezer, and then there were a few weekends when Little Girl and I, or all three of us, were away. But this weekend we were all home for Shabbat dinner, so I wanted to have bread for the blessings. Unfortunately, I didn't think ahead enough to make challah dough early in the day. So I needed something that would be a little quicker, and a little less labor intensive. I decided on rolls. Because preportioned loaves of bread sounded better to me than big loaves that might not get eaten quickly enough! I found this recipe, which looked easy, yummy, and used some whole wheat flour, which I really like.

The dough came together nicely, even though I thought my water was too warm and the yeast would be killed, it rose beautifully! I was excited to get my hands in there... then I thought, hey! Little Girl can play, too! I have always included Little Girl in my kitchen activities, but usually more as an observer or mimicker with her own set of utensils. This time I was brave enough to let her handle the real stuff! After a quick sanitizing of her tray and the table, and a thorough wiping of her hands, I was ready to see what she would do with nice, soft, warm bread dough. Turns out, she had a great time! Of course, she is only one, I knew there would be a certain amount of dough going into her mouth. Maybe I should be more paranoid, but I was more curious as to how she would react to the raw taste than how to keep her from eating it! It was a lot of fun to see her pat, smoosh and squish the dough. I can't wait to do this with her again!!

The bread turned out really well. I had enough dough to make seven fairly large rolls, one small braided loaf (it was for Shabbat, after all!), and six cinnamon-brown sugar cloverleaf rolls. Plus whatever Little Girl managed to eat! They browned up beautifully, and were incredibly soft, especially for whole wheat bread not using any bread flour! They made a great accompaniment for our Friday night dinner, and were a great addition to the Father's Day barbecue with Hubby's family. See what happens when Little Girl helps out? Lots of success!!

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