Monday, June 7, 2010


Yes, I have been called a genius!! This is a rare occurrence. VERY rare. So I am recording it for posterity here on the lovely internet.
The story:
Auntie Twin and I are very pale. We come by this honestly, our father is very pale, too. We got our first sunburns at age six months, including blisters. (To be fair, the family was living in Puerto Rico, and this was a long time ago, before sunscreen was as powerful and prevalent as it now is.) So we have always knows to be careful out in the sun, and to slather up with the highest SPF we can find. Inevitably, though, each of us gets burned about once a summer. It stinks, but we are sort of used to it. Last year, when trying to find some relief from my burn, I turned to something I had previously not had in the house, and it was amazing! I filed the fact away, and I plan to hold it for future use.
Auntie Twin and her family have a beach house. They go there almost every weekend during the summer. This weekend was no exception. Despite making sure that Little Miss was well protected, Auntie Twin wound up with a doozy of a sunburn. When she told me about this last night I let her in on my discovery from last year: diaper rash cream! She was a little hesitant, but sort of understood why I would think this worked.
This morning my phone rang. "I just wanted to thank you for that diaper rash cream hint - you are a genius!"
So there you go! A crafty mommy tip, and proof that once someone thought I was a genius!!!

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