Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Girl, Big Help!

I know I haven't been posting a lot recently... Sorry about that! Little Girl is getting so active, sometimes it is hard to find the time! She has also developed a love for the camera such that any time I try to get a picture of her doing something crafty, she stops and comes to investigate... We'll see how that goes as time goes on...! We are working on a few new projects together, so hopefully you'll be hearing all about that soon enough!

So today was a somewhat busy day. Little Girl loves to help out with whatever is going on around her, which is a lot of fun. She and I visited Daddy (Hubby...) at work today, and she even got to help out there! Daddy's coworkers love it when she comes in, and I think they appreciate her efforts to keep things in the office moving along! She did great answering calls, sending e-mails, and, best of all, keeping up morale!

Little Girl also knows how to help around the house! I have noticed that one of her favorite "toys" right now is a dust-pan and brush. She does a great job of sweeping up, now I just need to teach her to throw the dirt into the trash instead of back onto the floor! Today's job was a quick wet mop of the kitchen floor. She was more than happy to supervise, assist, and inspect, making sure that Mommy's work was up to par!
We really are lucky to have such an amazing helper around. She absolutely makes everyday more fun, and we love to see what she'll come up with next!

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