Thursday, June 3, 2010

Let's go Flyers!

As I have mentioned, I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. I am not entirely sure why I am quite this fanatical, but it is fun none-the-less! Even being the fan that I am, though, I was amazed when they reached the Stanley Cup Finals last week. This is a team that made it into the playoffs by winning a shoot-out on the last day of the season! Now they are one of two teams left trying to win it all? Unbelievable. Unfortunately, the first two games didn't go quite as well as a Flyers fan might have hoped. Two losses in Chicago, each by one goal margins... No good. But seeing as my croquemBoucher helped the Flyers do so well earlier in the playoffs, I figured it was time for another Flyers themed dessert! (Well, that and there was a recipe that had caught my eye and a friend from out of town visiting...)

Once upon a time when I was foodgawking I came across a picture of a cinnamon roll type pastry. Looked too good to ignore. So I went here to look at it. Looked really good and really easy. So I filed it away in my "I'll have to try that at some point" memory bank. I wanted to make it yesterday to have for game-time snacking. But I didn't have any cream cheese, and I already have some actual cinnamon rolls in the apartment. What to do...? (Sorry there are no process pictures... It just kind of wasn't in the cards to happen...)

Well, I started with making my own pie crust. I don't buy the prepackaged ones. Many tend to be unKosher, and I kind of like making my own anyway. While I was wrist deep in crust dough, Little Girl helped herself to some leftover cake she found in a foil package on the kitchen table. Crumbs everywhere! But she had fun, so sweeping up was a small price to pay. With the crust chilling, I had no choice but to figure out a filling. I had already pretty much decided on chocolate. Because, hey, it's chocolate. But still, no cream cheese. So I faked it. One stick of margarine, a half cup of brown sugar and three tablespoons of cocoa powder later, I had a nice fudgey filling. Crusts were rolled and cut with my Flyers logo shaped cookie cutter, filling was added, ends were crimped with a fork and the treats baked at 350 for about 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I don't seem to have crimped the edged quite well enough, as a lot of filling spilled out. Oops. I guess next time I need to "glue" the pieces together with water/egg wash/milk before crimping. Lesson learned.

Despite the mess, the treats turned out pretty yummy. A little light on the chocolate, but that will be fixed next time by sealing the edges better. And it must have worked, since the Flyers won last night!! Looks like this might have to be a new pre-game ritual!

Let's go Flyers!!!!

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