Sunday, May 23, 2010

Up and moving!

Ok, so it really looked like I had fallen off the face of the Earth there. I didn't! I promise! There was just a lot of no computer time happening - visiting the in-laws, forgetting the computer at the in-laws' house (yes, thank you, I am that good...), Jewish holidays... Lots going on. But things are pseudo-back to normal now. Except for the whole Memorial Day weekend coming up where I, again, won't be home and blogging... But other than that...! I will try to keep you updated on the crafts and activities going on before then, and then when we come home, hopefully things will go back to normal - whatever that is!

The biggest news in the family is that I am about to be getting a lot more exercise. No, we didn't join a gym, nor did I find some untapped well of willpower to work out. Little Girl is walking! That's right, she is figuring out how to walk on her own... Her first solo steps were two weeks ago yesterday - the day before Mother's Day! Now that's what I call a fabulous gift!! Well, in the last two weeks she has been practicing and she has gained so much balance, strength and confidence!

While she isn't totally off and running on her own yet, she is doing so amazingly well! Especially considering this is all before her first birthday! Hubby and I are so proud of our Little Girl. As cliche as it is to say, it really does go by so quickly, and we are so lucky to be able to enjoy every moment!!

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