Monday, May 10, 2010

Tortillas, take two

Since last week's corn tortillas were such a success, I decided that I should try the other kind - flour tortillas. I am not sure why I was quite as adamant about wanting to make them as I was, but I was thinking about it all day, and knew it was going to happen, even if it meant dinner would be a few minutes late... On the meal plan for tonight was eggs and potatoes, so I just figured that tortillas would take the place of toast, and I could make breakfast burritos for dinner!
I used this recipe for my tortillas. I looked at a lot of them, and they were all pretty similar. I didn't pick this one for any particular reason... it was just the first one on the list of search results... I needed to add a bit more flour as I was kneading the dough, but that isn't exactly unexpected in dough recipes, so it wasn't a big deal. I got the dough ready and rested, then rolled it into balls. I then let the dough rest again, since I had to, you know, take care of Little Girl...!
Just as it was with the corn tortillas, it was so exciting to watch the rolled out tortillas puff and bubble! Yes, I really got excited about air bubbles... It is just so rewarding to see the dough doing what it is supposed to do, and to know that you did it right!! I think I learned from last week, though, that the griddle needed to be hotter than expected for the tortillas to cook up right. I also got my timing down better. I got a rhythm going where I could put one tortilla onto the griddle, roll the next one and get it onto the griddle in time to flip the first. (Then by the time the third was ready to go on, the first was ready to come off and the second was ready to flip.) It went really smoothly!!
These tortillas were AMAZINGLY GOOD!!! They were soft, they were tender, they had a nice flavor, they make a great breakfast burrito, even for dinner! And I couldn't resist trying something that a bunch of bloggers mentioned - coating a fresh from the pan tortilla with butter (ok, margarine) and cinnamon sugar and diving in. Man was that worthwhile! I am so glad to have extras!!

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