Thursday, May 6, 2010

Take her out to the ball game...

We are sports fans in our family. Specifically, I am a die-hard fan of the Philadelphia Flyers and Hubby of the Philadelphia Phillies (gee, can you figure out where we live?). We try very hard to get to one or two games of each team every season. Flyers games are a little harder to get to, with the high price of hockey tickets, but we usually go to a couple of Phillies games each season - Hubby usually more than me. Now, Little Girl was born in the midst of baseball season last year. (I can NOT believe she is almost a year old...!!) I fully expected to get her to a game some time, but it didn't happen. Well, that situation was fixed today! Hubby received a gift of tickets to today's "Business-person's Special" afternoon game, and we went as a family. It was great! While the forecast predicted thunderstorms, they never materialized, and the day was warm and sunny. (Ok, it was very sunny - and I have the sunburn to prove it!) We were a little bit worried that the crowds and the noise would be overwhelming for Little Girl, but she was amazing. She loves people, and she was flirting and charming with everyone around us! I am not sure how much of the game she actually watched, but she had a lot of fun, which made it even better for her proud mommy and daddy! We did have to move out of the sun after a couple of innings (a couple of LONG innings...), but we were still able to see some great plays by the Phillies as they won 7-2 against the St. Louis Cardinals!
The only sad part of the day was learning about the loss of Phillies great Robin Roberts. He will be missed, and his tradition of greatness will be carried on by the current team. And in the hearts of fans young and old!

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