Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tiny tortillas

When I make the meal plan for myself and Hubby I always consider what Little Girl will be eating. While she is still not quite up to eating everything we do, (which, partly, is due to my own over-protectiveness...) I want her meal to be as similar as possible. You saw I made her a "Baby Brunswick" when we had our Brunswick Stew, you saw her mini-pizza, mini-quiche... I just want her to be included. So when planning tonight's dinner of nachos (yes, nachos for dinner... beans, cheese... that's healthy!!) I started planning what Little Girl would have. Beans are no problem, she eats those; avocado is something we all love, so she had her "toppings" set. (No cheese or salsa for her yet...) But the tortilla chips. I don't give her chips. The things I love about them are things that aren't good for her! Too hard, too salty... not right for my baby girl. But what could I do? Time to make my own!
I started with plain old corn meal. This is something I keep on hand more for coating pizza pans than anything else. But I do have it, so I used it! I didn't measure. It was a couple of hands-full. To that I added hot water to form a dough. I also added a little (like, less than half a tablespoon) margarine. Not sure why, but I just felt that it should be there. Mix, mix, mix... Once it was a good consistency I rolled the dough into little balls which I then pressed (with my favorite tools - my hands) into flat disks. I put those onto a greased (and foil covered) pie plate and popped them into the oven at 35o degrees. I was winging it here... I didn't know how hot I should have to oven, and I certainly didn't know how long they would take! After about 10 minutes I checked them, and they were definitely baked through but still soft. This was just what I was hoping for!

So now Little Girl had a dinner that was "just like" Mommy's and Daddy's! Tortillas, beans and avocado. Looked good to me! Soon she'll get the yummy, gooey, melty cheese... But for now she enjoys what she's having, and I am loving making sure she gets healthy and yummy meals with us!!

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