Sunday, April 4, 2010

Gone... but not for long!!

Sorry to have been so quiet! I promise, I haven't forgotten about my poor little blog! Little Girl and I are actually in Florida for Passover. With the amount of cooking that happens in this one week, you would think I would have blog-posts galore, but, alas, there hasn't been much opportunity for picture taking or blogging. But there has been a ton of food! Anyone who says that there is nothing good to eat on Passover has clearly not been to our house for the holiday!
This being Little Girl's first Passover, I was curious to see what she would make out of everything. She is a bread eater, and I worried that the lack of it might upset her. Well, she is the best baby girl in the whole wide world. Turns out that she likes matzah. Especially in the form of fried matzah. Or matzah kugel. Or matzah rolls... You get the idea...!
So Happy Passover to all who celebrate, Happy Easter to those who celebrate that, and Happy Spring to everyone!!
I'll be back home in a few days, and the cooking, baking, crafting and blogging will pick back up!

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