Thursday, April 29, 2010

Surprise cupcakes

Remember back in February when I had my play day with Mr. J? Well, today I finally got my date with his big brother, Mr. D!! Mr. D is almost six years old, and is an amazing kid. He is sweet, he is smart, he is funny, and he is just a love! I got to spend the afternoon with him while his mom took Mr. J to a doctor's appointment. The day started when I picked him up from school. Is there anything better than walking up to a playground, telling the teacher who you are picking up, then having him run over to give you a big hug? So, yeah, our date started off with me smiling, and it just kind of kept going from there.

One of the activities I had planned for today with Mr. D was baking cupcakes. I knew he enjoyed baking, and that he was a master egg-cracker, so I knew this would be a lot of fun. He helped me line the cupcake tins, he counted everything for me to make sure we were on track, he measured, of course he cracked eggs, and then he helped with the surprise. The cupcakes themselves were not exactly anything special, Yellow cake (from scratch, but still, yellow cake). But then we made them into surprise cupcakes by hiding a little something in each one. Mr. D even agreed to not tell his mom and dad what was hiding so they would be impressed! (I don't normally condone asking kids to hide information from their parents, but I knew this was not exactly something to worry about, and I made sure he knew that this was something he would share with them very soon!)

By the time the cupcakes came out of the oven, Ms. L and Mr. J had gotten back from the doctor's appointment. Unfortunately for them, though, I wasn't done playing! So Mr. D, Mr. J, Little Girl and I left Ms. L in the apartment for a while and went on a nature walk while the cakes cooled. Because it wasn't enough to have the surprise on the inside, these cakes needed frosting!!

I had actually made the frosting this morning before picking Mr. D up from school I was pretty pleased with how it turned out, and was excited to have help putting it on the cupcakes!

After we came in from our outside exploration (where Mr. D was thrilled to have found a caterpillar!) and washed out hands, it was time to get to work. Mr.s D and J were great frosters. They did very nice work indeed!

Unfortunately, though, all good things must come to an end, and my two favorite boys and their awesome mommy had to go home. I did, of course, send them home with enough cupcakes for everyone to have for dessert, so I hope they all enjoyed the surprise! Thank you so much, Ms. L, for sharing your boys with me!! I love them so much, and I love seeing the fun things that are in store for me as Little Girl gets bigger.

Oh yeah! Wanna know what the surprise is? Check it out...!

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