Friday, April 16, 2010

Making the best of an oops...

As I mentioned last week, my computer had a little oops. For the second time, water spilled on it. Not a good thing... And, for the second time, the keyboard needed to be replaced. I was sort of letting Little Girl play with the old keyboard, but I had to be right there next to her, as there are pointy edges and some wiring bits that aren't so kit friendly. Much as I love being right there with her, I do sometimes like to do other things while we are playing - make dinner, go potty, you know, frivolous things like that. And as much as I liked having her have her own keyboard to bang on, I knew there had to be some safer way...
So I made it safe.
Using some fabric, some batting, my sewing machine and my hot glue gun, I turned the old useless keyboard into a fun baby-safe toy! First I sewed together the fabric and the batting, folding over the edges. My goal was to size it such that the keyboard would just fit lengthwise, and the top and bottom would allow for the connector bits to be covered up. Then I hot glued the keyboard to the fabric. I used a LOT of hot glue. I wanted to make sure that No one, even Little Girl with her little fingers, could get between the fabric and the keyboard. I then folded the top of the fabric down and added even more hot glue to cover any exposed bits and to keep things together.
The end result looks like this:
I was pretty pleased with it! And Little Girl had a lot of fun banging on it today! The only thing is, she knows that the keyboard isn't connected to a screen with pretty lights... So she still wants to bang around on the real computer... That one will be a little bit harder to baby-proof!!

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