Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Little Cook

The other day I was getting ready to make a nice, easy lunch of scrambled eggs and toast. I took the eggs out of the carton and took slices of bread out of the bag, and I left them to warm up to room temperature. As I was getting the frying pan out, I was holding Little Girl, who was in a bit of a clingy mood. When I turned to look at what she was reaching for I saw she had one of the (uncooked) eggs in her hand. I realized I had a choice... I could tell her no, that eggs are fragile and take it away, or I could remind her to be gentle and see what she would do. I decided to let her explore a bit.
Well, it seems that Little Girl has been watching her mommy in the kitchen! She carefully put each of the eggs and the slices of bread into the pan so that she could make lunch for us!!!

(I swear, I didn't touch these... this is how she set them!)

I was amazed, excited, impressed, overjoyed and undeniably thrilled to see her work. It is so amazing to see what children will do when given the opportunity, and also so see how much they pick up when they are with us. I really am the luckiest mommy in the world!!

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