Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

While Little Girl was around for Halloween last year, and I did make her a costume, she was a little too young to go trick-or-treating. So this year was going to be a big one - our first Halloween in our new house, and Little Girl's first time going out in costume! (Ok, she is still a little young for it, but oh well!)

Hubby and I have decided that Little Girl can be anything she wants to for Halloween, but the deal is we will make her costume, not buy it. This works out great for Hubby, as I am the one who does the making...! But it is fun for me, and was really my thought to begin with, so no complaints! This year, as she is still a little too young to choose for herself, I chose to make a costume based on one of Little Girl's favorite characters. I made her into Tinker Bell! Working with wings from the dollar store and a shirt from the clearance rack, I made a no-sew costume that wound up looking great!! And she really had a blast, loving running around with her wings on! Hubby is already excited for next year!!

And, despite the fact that she can't eat the majority of it, Little Girl wound up with a pretty good haul for a one year old!


  1. Oh, bless Her! She looked great - and those budget friendly, home made costumes are usualy the best :) You did a great job! My Hubby wanted to put Baby J in a big pumpkin (as she's only 5 mths old) but we couldn't find one big enough ;)
    P.S. You're right not to give her all those sweets! Unfortunately I know mums giving their children sweets like that even from 6 mths... crazy...!

  2. P.S. I have something special waiting for you here:
    Cheers :)