Sunday, October 20, 2013

Surprise! Quickbread

I don't know about you, but I don't necessarily put the word "sourdough" and "quick" together.  So when I saw that this month's project for Sourdough Surprises was sourdough quick breads, I giggled at the oxymoron, then drooled over the tasty possibilities. 
And then I waited.  I am not sure what I waited for...  time? inspiration? energy?  Well,  I waited a bit long.  I made my quick bread today.  On posing day.  But it still counts, right?!  I made Cinnamon Sourdough Muffins.  But I made them it as a loaf instead of muffins.  Because I wasn' patient enough to deal with the muffin tins!  (Pretty much the same general reason why I make cookie bars instead of cookies!)
I actually started last night with the starter mixture.  Equal parts starter and flour.  Eve is a pretty wet starter, but even after an overnight, my mixture seemed pretty thick:
Then I added in (most of) the other ingredients - egg, brown sugar (instead of honey), salt, vanilla, oil, cinnamon.  I wasn't so worried about how thick it was anymore!
When these two mixtures were well combined it was time to add the magic - baking soda!  Just look at those bubbles:
Before baking I decided to add a layer of cinnamon sugar to the top of my loaf, because how can more cinnamon hurt a cinnamon bread?
Out of the oven and cooling, this smelled amazing:
Sliced and ready to taste:
Really good.  I kept nibbling at this until I had to leave the house this morning.  Even my four year old, who doesn't love sourdough as much as I do, was asking for seconds.  This was an awesome treat!!
Check out what my fellow sourdough friends made this month, you are sure to find something to tempt your tummy!


  1. Mmmmmm, I can almost smell the tantalizing aroma of hot cinnamon, brown sugar and vanilla. Yum! I would much rather have a slice off a loaf than a muffin; it just seems more special. Go figure.

  2. YUM - that looks so good, and I bet the cinnamon sugar on top gave it an awesome crunch!!

  3. Love cinnamon! Sometimes the simplest breads are the most tasty. It's always a good sign when you can't leave it alone!

  4. Oh I love cinnamon! I'll have to make these as muffins (as they are my preference to loaves). Great job!

  5. Cinnamon and sourdough! Oh yes! I bet they were divine!

  6. Yum, these look delicious! I feel the opposite about muffins - I would rather mess with muffin tins than attempt to cook a loaf which is never ever all the way done inside. LOL

  7. Cool to see a fermented quickbread! I was wondering how that would work, being that with a regular quickbread, you don't want to overmix anything, but it looks like your bread had a nice texture. And the cinnamon sugar on top - YUM!

  8. Such a beautiful, soft crumb! And cinnamon season (as my youngest calls the holiday season) is upon us, so this one will definitely be a hit!

  9. Love cinnamon anything! Not sure how I missed these back in October.