Saturday, July 20, 2013

Surprise! Cinnamon Rolls

I have a soft spot for cinnamon rolls.  Part of it is the flavor - sweet, cinnamon-y, sometimes with that amazing glaze or frosting...  Yum.  And, how fun is it to unroll it while you eat?!  I know, I am kind of a geek that way, but I can't help it!  It is fun!
So this month's Sourdough Surprises challenge was exciting to me.  I was intrigues by the variety of recipes there were to choose from, some which required very little resting time and some which took a LONG time to proof/sour/rest.  I chose one that was a little less time intensive, as time isn't exactly abounding in a house with two little ones and full time working at camp...!
I was a little nervous going into this challenge, as Eve had been left to her own devices on the counter for a bit longer than she should have been.  I refreshed her, and she bubbled up nicely, but she still smelled...  strong...
I added a lot of extra flour to get my dough to a rolling consistency.  It seemed ok:
Add the filling.  Brown sugar, of course, mixed with the cinnamon, dotted with margarine:
When I rolled and cut the dough I saw that, even with the extra flour, there might still be a bit of a sticking issue:
A little thin, a little stretched out... 
They looked ok, the filling smelled great, but the dough/crust/whatever you want to call the outside part still smelled strong.  And guess what?  It tasted strong, too.  This was my first sourdough creation which I just didn't like.  What a disappointment.
But I will try again.  Eve has been tempered and refreshed with new flour, and I think she is in much better shape now.  So hopefully sometime soon you will see a sourdough cinnamon roll success from me! 
Check out what the others made this month - theirs turned out so well, it is more incentive to get it right next time!!


  1. It's a shame they didn't work for you. But they look yummy!

  2. That's a shame that they didn't work out! When you haven;t fed the starter for a while you can definitely tell a super increase in the sour level of the tang!

  3. Sourdough starter can be so demanding! I'm sure they will be perfect the next time. Mine did not taste like sourdough at about extremes :)

  4. I'm sorry it didn't work out! That's so disappointing after all the work. I've had good luck mixing 1/4 tsp. of apple cider vinegar into my starter when it's gotten smelly. It's supposed to kill the less desirable bacteria but not affect the good ones.

    I agree with you - some of the appeal is in peeling it apart as you eat it! Nothing like playing with your food...

  5. Sorry your buns didn't work out. Sometimes our sourdough takes on a life of its own. Hopefully you'll calm yours down and get some great buns.

  6. Sorry to hear your cinnamon rolls didn't work out:( I have made cinnamon rolls before when my starter hadn't been fed for awhile and I thought they tasted way to "tangy" but the hubby loved them that way:) One nice thing about cinnamon rolls, it's always a pleasure to make another batch:) Lynn Turnips 2 Tangerines

  7. Shame about the rolls. So sorry they didn't work. I discovered my starter had become too sour during the Sourdough Surprises pasta challenge. But it's better now and I'm sure yours will be too :)

  8. My starter is a bit unhappy right now too. I need to make bread on Monday so it needs to get back to it's normal happy self. I don't want to use commercial yeast.

  9. Ahhh, that happened to me when we made babka a while back - it was the first time my starter tasted really strong and I wasn't such a big fan either. Luckily starters are resilient - I hope Eve shapes up for next month's project :)

  10. I understand your frustration. I had to throw my first batch out. I hope you do try again now that Eve is feeling better.