Monday, May 20, 2013

Surprise! Brownies

Well, I missed last month's Surprise of pasta.  Or, rather, I made the pasta, ate and enjoyed the pasta, then never wrote my post.  Oops.  And I was well on my way to forgetting this month's Surprise, too, but I was reminded this morning, so was saved!  (Thank, Shell!)
This month we were encouraged to make brownies.  Yum.  I am married to a certifies chocoholic, and my girls seem to be following in his footsteps...  Don't get me wrong, I love chocolate.  But I am perfectly happy with non-chocolate.  Hubby?  If there is a choice, chocolate always wins.  Always. 
I found the recipe on the Sourdough Surprises Pinterest board and got to work.
The batter came together really easily.  I loved the way Eve looked going into the chocolaty gooeyness....
As I was putting the batter into the pan I realized that I had forgotten to add the vanilla.  Ummm...  oops?  So I added the vanilla to the pan...  It works, right?
Coming out of the oven things looked and smelled good.  I had thought the brownies would have risen more, but it looked fine.
Holy chocolate, gooey goodness!
These might just have been the best brownies I have ever made.  So yummy.  So rich, so chocolaty, so good.  I think we ate them in two days.  And that was only because I made us put them away before we finished them in one!  The sourdough tang was there, but very subtle.  It did just enough to enhance the chocolate.  So good.
So if you still thought that sourdough was only good for breads, let yourself be Surprised at the amazing things you will create with your starter!!


  1. Yum!! Your brownies look rich and fudge-y and absolutely delicious!!

  2. Oh YUM. I got so caught up in adding stuff to the recipe, next time I think I will make plain chocolate brownies to fully appreciate their awesomeness - 'cause man, they look awesome. I'm with your husband, chocolate always wins!

  3. Oh my! Your brownies look so ooey-gooey good!

  4. Your brownies look fantastic! Have a great week and see you next time~Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  5. Delicious! Forgot the vanilla, hehe. Add it later, why not!

  6. I do that too! Make it, eat, it, then forget to post about it. I'm glad you posted these brownies though, because they look brilliant! That perfectly squidgy brownie centre - yum!

  7. Awesome job, Ruth! Your brownies look SUPERB!!! So gooey and delicious! I think I need one!! :)

  8. Your brownies look delicious! This has become one of my favorite ways (along with the pasta) to use my starter.

  9. Wow, Ruth! They look amazing! :)