Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Surprise! Flatbreads

I love bread.  This really isn't a secret.  And I really love flatbreads.  Especially fresh, warm, crispy on the outside flatbreads...  Mmmm...  I remember, growing up, making simple flatbreads with a friend using flour, water and butter (or margarine).  That was the start of my love affair.  So this month's Sourdough Surprise was super exciting for me.  Why, then, did it take me so long to get my act together to make these? I don't rightly know.  But I am so glad I did this, and I know I will be making them again.
I used this recipe for the breads, and it is one I would happily make again.  It isn't quite as quick to make as a typical flatbread, as it does call for time to rise, but I was still able to have these ready, start to finish, between coming home from school and our six o'clock dinner time.
The dough, ready to rock and roll:
Rolling the dough.  Not really well shaped, but that's not what counts, right?
Baking bread on the griddle:
Ready for dinner:
This is a great little accompaniment for pretty much any meal.  They also make a great base for a snack dipped in hummus.  Or a yummy sandwich with cheese, as Big Gil asked to have for lunch the following day...  All in all, a big hit!
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  1. Awesome flatbreads, Ruth! I agree, I love flatbreads - they are perfect at any time and to eat with practically anything! And learning how quick they are to make - thats trouble! Yours look great! :) (Psst, Don't forget to link up!)