Sunday, January 6, 2013

(Birthday) Party Time!

Ok, it isn't time for either of my kids' birthdays, but now that my Big Girl is in school (and making friends wherever she goes!) we have a lot more parties to go to than I thought we would at this point!  (She isn't even four yet...) 
It never occurred to me to hold a birthday party for my kids until they were a little older.  I thought that would be somewhere close to five or six - you know, school aged.  Well, last year we won amazing party entertainment, so we had a third birthday party for Big Girl.  And it was a ton of fun.  But there is so much involved...!  Planning, paying, preparing, who to invite, what to provide for activities, should you do party favors....  The list goes on and on.
Little Girl will be turning two this year, so I am not thinking a party for her yet.  But Big Girl will be four.  And she had a party last year, so I know she wants one this year.  While her birthday isn't until May, I am already trying to think about what we might do for her part.  What themes to suggest, how to decorate, what to feed people...  I guess it doesn't help that I am the type of person who does it all home-made...  ;)
But my big question for you now, while the party planning can sit on the back burner, has to do with presents.  What do you get as gifts when you are going to a birthday party?  Do you have a budget based on who the child is or how well you know him or her?  Do you have a go-to "boy gift" and "girl gift" that you give?  I know we can all use ideas - share yours with us!

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