Sunday, September 30, 2012

Trying to stick with it. With cheese.

So when I started this blog I had high hopes.  No, I never thought I would become a "professional" blogger or anything, I just thought, "Well, I do stuff with my kiddo (only one at the time) every day, I will definitely be posting a few times a week...!"  Ummm...  yeah, that clearly isn't how it goes...!  I do crafts and cook and bake, and take pictures with the intention of blogging...  but then it doesn't happen.  Oops.
So here I am, the last day of September, and I am finally getting around to posting this month's contribution to Twelve Loaves...  (#TwelveLoaves)
This month's theme was cheese. Yum.  I love cheese, and I love bread, so where could this be bad? :)
I decided to make cheesy bread sticks.  I don't even remember what we had for dinner that night that these were the accompaniment to...  Bad blogger...!
I used Mark Bittman's bread stick recipe, subbing in some whole wheat flour.  There was o cheese in the recipe, though, so I had to decide when to add the cheese.  That happened when I rolled them out.
Rolled out dough, sprinkled with cheese:
Folded over, rolled again, more cheese add:
Rolled again, time to cut:
(Yes, it probably would have been quicker and easier with a pizza roller than with a knife, but my pizza wheel kinda died on me...  oops..!)
Sticks cut, more cheese sprinkled on top:
Baked up:
And here was what I had hoped for:
Layers of cheesy goodness.

Many thanks to Cake Duchess, Creative Culinary and Life's a Feast for giving me the chance to combine two of my favorite things into one fun baking experiment!  And definitely check out Lora's post here to see what other fun cheesy breads were created this month!

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