Thursday, June 20, 2013

Surprise! Crepes

My first introduction to crepes was the yummy cheese-filled blintzes my mom used to make.  I had no idea they were called crepes, though, for the longest time.  I just knew them as the wrappers for blintzes...  Live and learn, right?
And learn, I have.  Crepes are so much more versatile than blintzes.  (Not that there is anything wrong with blintzes!  I still love them!)  There is almost nothing more decadent than a warm crepe folded around gooey Nutella...  :)
For this month's Surprise I was unsure what to do with sourdough crepes.  Of course blintzes were on my mind, but with a dairy allergic kiddo, that wasn't in the cards.  I just wasn't sure if sourdough would lend itself better to sweet or salty, especially when the recipe called for Eve to be the biggest ingredient - barely diluted, well soured starter... 
The batter was very thin.  I know it is supposed to be, but I was worried it was too thin, not having added any flour other than what Eve had going for her.
As expected, the first crepe out of the pan was not a good indicator:
Soon a rhythm was reached, though:
Stack o' crepes.  I had tasted the first, not-too-pretty crepe on its own, and I was still not sure what to think.  It was pretty sour...  What to do?
Spread with some yummy apple cinnamon preserves:
Roll it up!
Serve to two adorable little girls asking for something "special" to eat.
Success!  Big Girl, who was asking what the "strange" smell of the starter was, told me these were the best crepes she had ever eaten.  (Mind you, at 4, she has not exactly sampled a large variety of crepes, but it was still cute...!)  The sweetness really cut the sourness, and it worked really well together.  I love being Surprised by what my starter can make!!
Check out how the other crepes turned out!!


  1. When I was your daughter's ago, crêpes were one of my favorite things. Yours look wonderful - that first crêpe is always a disaster though! LOL. Now I definitely have to try making blintzes...

  2. I have never tried making blintzes...think I'll give them a try~ Your crepes look delicious~Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  3. Look great! Isn't it nice when something special can be tasty and relatively easy!

  4. Yum...apples and cinnamon sound delicious! I guess I should try blintzes next :)

  5. Great job! Your crepes turned out really well! I was nervous about not adding any flour other than what was in the starter, too, but they turned out so good! Mine didn't have a very sour taste, but my starter has been kind of neglected lately, so yours is probably stronger than mine! Good choice of filling, too!

  6. Good that your daughter is willing to try new things :-) Nice job!

  7. Hey, 4 year olds have picky palettes, so for her to like it is a big complement! I love the apple-cinnamon preserves. Yum!

  8. I love the idea of filling the crepes with apple cinnamon preserves! I have found that adding a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the batter cut down the sour taste and make for a more kid friendly sourdough crepe