Sunday, April 14, 2013

Daring to do it: No Bones About It

This month's challenge was hosted by a blogger I like.  I like her food, I like her style, I like her.  Sadly, though, I didn't find a way to "like" this challenge enough to do it...

 For the April Daring Cooks Challenge, Lisa from Parsley, Sage and Sweet has challenged us to debone a whole chicken, using this video by Jacques Pepin as our guide; then stuff it, tie it and roast it, to create a Chicken Ballotine.

Yeah. I wasn't going to de-bone a chicken.  I could have done it - we were in Florida for Passover, and my parents don't have a vegetarian kitchen.  And there was a whole, bone-in chicken in the freezer which I was welcomed to use.  I just couldn't do it... 
I tried to think of a vegetarian alternative...  Some way to take something with structure, remove the "bones" and stuff it.  But I couldn't think or anything.  And then it got to be the 13th of the month, and that meant that time was up to try something. 
So, sorry, Lisa!  I totally get how this is an amazing challenge, and an awesome skill for Daring Cooks to learn, I was just too much of a wimp. 
Take a look here to see the delectable dishes the braver Cooks created!

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