Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Surprise! Cake

It is kind of unbelievable what one little sourdough started can do.  I was so excited to create Eve for the Daring Kitchen, and it amazes me that she is still going strong almost a year and a half later.  And I am having a blast with her.  Not just the things we bake, but getting to share her with friends and family, too.  I love it!
This month's Sourdough Surprise was something fun and yummy - cake!  I have made cake with Eve before, and I was excited to do it again.  The biggest problem was deciding what kind of cake to make.  There are so many yummy recipes out there, and narrowing down the list became almost discouraging.  Finally I decided to look at what I had on hand and let that lead the way.  I had lemons, strawberries and blueberries.  Fruity would be the way to go...!  I found this recipe which I adapted to suit my needs. I don't' need vegan substitutes, so I used real eggs and my usual margarine.  I also skipped the lemon glaze and simply sprinkled the top with cinnamon sugar.
I normally find ways around recipes which call for using different bowls for every step, but I decided it might be worth it for this one:
Mix, mix, mix:
Into the pan, sprinkle with cinnamon sugar:
Fresh from the oven, smelling SO good:
And served for Hubby's birthday:

This was a great cake.  We all liked it, and when Ishared it with coworkers they were thrilled! 
I hope you made a sourdough cake of our own.  If you did, link up and let us know!  And if you didn't, I hope you're inspired to make one now, and to share it with the people you love!


  1. Always love a treat you can take in to work - makes people happy and leaves fewer leftovers at home! :) This cake looks fruity, fresh and delicious - YUM!

  2. I'd like some of that for breakfast, a snack and dessert!

  3. Oh this looks so good. I wonder if I can justify eating it by calling it bread. That won't break my no-cake restrictions.

  4. This looks nice and refreshing....perfect for Spring:) Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines

  5. Lemon and blueberries are a great combo. ayum!

  6. Looks super Ruth! Has it really been a year and a half since the Daring Bakers sourdough challenge? Crazy. Here's to many many more delicious sourdough goodies :)

  7. Ruth, that looks wonderful! Spring has sprung! :)

  8. Gorgeous looking cake, Ruth!! It looks so perfect for spring!!