Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quick Sourdough Fix

Remember my wonderful new friend Eve? You know, my sourdough starter! I think I might be in love. I have been playing with her about once a week, and I am having a great time finding new recipes. Talking with my sister a week or so ago, about food as usual, we were discussing our starters and what we had or could make with them. I was trying to figure out things I could make same-day, rather than being good and waiting for things to rise and all. I stumbled across this website and knew I had struck gold.
My first recipe (and actually, the only one I have done so far... bad Ruth!) from the list was the Whole Wheat Sourdough Crescent Rolls. I love whole wheat breads, I love sourdough, there was almost no way this could go poorly!
The recipe starts off very basic - just like making pie crust or biscuits, fat (vegetable shortening for me) is rubbed into the dry ingredients. But then, instead of using milk or water as the liquid, sourdough starter is mixed in to make the dough. The recipe called for 2/3 cup of starter. All three times I have made them I needed closer to a full cup. But no big deal.
Once the dough comes together it is divided in two, with each half getting rolled into a 9 inch circle, then each circle being cut into six wedges. So far, this has taken... something like 6 minutes. I can handle this, even with the two little ones!
The wedges are rolled up from wide end to narrow, they are bend into crescents, then they are baked at 400 degrees for 12 minutes. That is it. In half an hour you can have yummy sourdough rolls...
And yummy they are! We all loved them. The taste, the texture, the ease, the convenience... I think this is our new go-to dinner roll!But then Auntie Twin told me what she did with half of her crescents - filled with cheese and peperoni. Ok, no peperoni here. But cheese? Heck, yes! Using what I had on hand, I mixed ricotta cheese, a touch of cream cheese, minced garlic, salt and pepper together and spread the mixture onto the dough before rolling it up.
They might not be the prettiest crescents you have ever seen, but my are they delicious! If you have a sourdough starter at home, and you are wondering what to make next, do not hesitate - make these crescents!!! Both of our families love them. (And, yes, I am thinking of dessert crescents. Cinnamon sugar and butter inside? Chocolate filled? Mmmm....!)
(and, again, I am to the point in my post where blogger won't let me link. But check out Auntie Twin's crescents here:

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