Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fuzzy Buddy

A few weeks ago Little Girl and I were wandering around the craft store, as we sometimes do when we are looking for inspiration. I love wandering the aisles and getting ideas for crafts of all sorts, from knitting to scrap booking to baking and beyond. Unfortunately, I can't buy everything I would want to, for a number of reasons (practicality and sanity being two of the top ones!). Even so, I do gather ideas to file away for the proverbial rainy day. On this particular day there was a table set up with an employee encouraging children to try a new craft called Fuzzoodles. True, Little Girl is a little too young to partake on her own, but that didn't stop me from checking things out. And the employee was generous enough to offer Little Girl a package of her own, which she was very pleased about. (Though she might have just been excited to pull at the packaging...) We took our prize home and got to "work" creating.
While the craft is very basic, I wasn't sure how Little Girl would approach it. While I am sure that her playing wasn't exactly what the manufacturers had in mind, she had a blast! She twisted the oversized pipe-cleaners, she played with the eyes, and it really kept her attention for a long time (well, a long time for a one year old!) I had fun making little critters, too, so this was an all around fun craft, especially for the price of free!

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